Enrollment Process

Set up your ACMS account and read about computer accounts for students in the BISB program.

The typical first year fall quarter schedule is:

  • BISB track: Math 283; BNFO 281, 283, 298; an elective and/or ethics.
  • BMI track: Math 283; MED 262, 264; BNFO 283, 298; an elective and/or ethics.
  • See Enrolling in classes at UC San Diego:
    • Use the Schedule of Classes to look up classes and WebReg to register.
    • The site also has links to detailed instructions and deadlines for adding, dropping, waitlisting, changing grading options, etc.
  • You may need to request authorization to enroll/waitlist in certain classes.
    • Biology and some other departments use EASy.
    • Computer Science creates a form each quarter (the BISB Graduate Coordinator will send an email about it). Also check CSE's website under Graduate » Courses for quarter-specific information.

Use the following links on the BISB website under Graduate » Curriculum to plan your course schedule. Please discuss your schedule with your advisor. First year students have an academic advisor (not necessarily the same as the Rotation Lab advisor).

If you did not take an undergraduate Algorithms course, see additional Computer Science Background preparation needed before taking CSE 282 / BENG 202.

  • UCSD General Catalog: Look under Courses/Curricula/Faculty for a specific department.
  • Division of Biomedical Informatics class descriptions
  • New classes, special topics classes, and Medical School classes usually are not in the catalog, but they are listed on the Schedule of Classes and in WebReg. They are typically announced by email or on department websites; contact the instructor for information if needed.