Seminars, Informal Courses, Group Meetings, Symposia, and Journal Clubs

Students are expected to attend the weekly seminars hosted by the program: either BNFO 281 for the Bioinformatics and Systems Biology track, or MED 262 for the Biomedical Informatics track. Students will also be expected to participate in organizing an annual symposium where they will invite leading researchers to UC San Diego for one-day talks and discussions.

In addition to formally structured courses and research rotations, graduate students are encouraged to attend seminars, group meetings, as well as informal sessions during which they will have an opportunity to interact closely with faculty mentors and to present their research plans, problems, and findings.

Students are also encouraged to attend journal clubs in their area of interest, such as the CSE Genomics Journal Club (organized by the Pevzner lab) or the Cancer Genomics Journal Club (MED 278). Check with departmental websites and people in your research area for appropriate seminars, group meetings, journal clubs, and other types of meetings in your discipline.