Boot Camp

Fall 2024 orientation activities (tentative schedule, subject to change):

Orientation schedule
Date Description
July - Sep, 2024 Campus-wide new graduate student orientation
July-Sep: Online course for all new graduate students campus-wide
Sep: In-person social events
June - Sep Campus-wide new international graduate student orientation
June-Sep: Additional online course for all new int'l students campus-wide
Sep: Additional orientation sessions and social events (online and in-person) for int'l students
August BISB Bootcamp Summer Seminar Series
Talks by faculty for incoming students on several dates on Zoom
Sep - Oct Triton Weeks of Welcome
Campus-wide events for new students at all levels
Sep. 16-20 BISB Boot Camp (in-person)
Sep. 17 Bootcamp Challenge Ropes Course at Eucalyptus Grove
Sep. 20 BISB New Cohort Welcome Event
The Forum (Price Center East, 4th floor), 2-4pm, RSVP req'd
TBA New Student Welcome Convocation (last year's info; this year's info TBA)
RIMAC Field, 4:30-7:30pm (doors open 3:30pm)
Sep. 25 Campus-wide new IA Teaching Symposium (last year's info; this year's TBA)
On Zoom, 9am-3pm, registration required. Part of orientation in many departments, but for BISB, usually applies to 2nd-3rd year students, not incoming students. Also watch for emails about ASE orientations Sep-Oct on Zoom.
Winter 2025 BISB Exchange (BEx)
Some years, this is during bootcamp; this year, it will be in Winter 2025

The week-long boot camp for incoming first-year students of the Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Graduate Program aims to:

  • Introduce the doctoral program, the University of California, San Diego, and the greater San Diego area.
  • Foster community and collaboration among students of the incoming cohort and with senior students.
  • Convey expectations for the core curriculum and elective courses, while reviewing basic concepts to remedy deficiencies.
  • Showcase student and faculty research, while guiding students in preparing for their research rotations.
  • Review strategies for choosing a thesis advisor, navigating a PhD, and preparing for a scientific career.

In addition to boot camp, new graduate students should also attend various campus-wide orientations:

  • New Graduate Student Orientation (mandatory for all new graduate students)
  • International Student Orientation (mandatory for all new international students). Follow the link for information on registering and what to bring.
  • TA orientation and training (mandatory for all new TAs; usually 2nd-3rd year for BISB students):
    • In September, there are campus-wide teaching assistant orientations by ASE and The Commons, usually announced by email rather than a website link. Sometimes these are repeated other quarters. These are for students doing their first TAship that school year; other programs have TAships in the first year, but BISB students typically do their first TAship their 2nd-3rd year.
    • Throughout the school year, The Commons has many workshops and other programs available for graduate student TAs.