Curriculum Checklist

Please use this checklist to keep track of your course requirements. The graduate coordinator will request that you fill it out in conjunction with spring evaluations, qual and advancement exams, and some petitions.

The form is designed to be completed in Google Sheets:

  • Login to your or other Google account.
  • Open the Curriculum Checklist Google Sheets template (updated April 2024).
  • Copy it to your account and fill in your copy using Google Sheets.
  • Save it to a PDF and submit the PDF to the graduate coordinator.
  • To copy the template and to make the PDF:
      Computer iPad & Android
    Copy file
    (if button shows)
    Click on  Make a copy  or  USE TEMPLATE 
    if that shows when you open the link; otherwise, use the menu item below
    Copy file
    (via menu)
    File > Make a copy Three dots menu (⋯ or ⋮)
    > Share & export
    > Make a copy
    Make a PDF File > Print Three dots menu
    > Share & export
    > Send a copy > PDF

If you cannot use Google Sheets, here is a PDF of the same form (April 2024).