Fellowships and Other Funding

The Grad Ed office (GEPA) announces funding opportunities through its website, fellowships page, and email. Opportunities of interest include:

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship US Citizens / Permanent Residents. Apply when starting PhD program the upcoming fall, or in first two years.
NIH F31 US Citizens / Permanent Residents. Work with your advisor to apply around year 3 when you have a mature project and are entering the dissertation stage.
NIH F99/K00 Individual Predoctoral to Postdoctoral Fellow Transition Award. US Citizens / Permanent Residents in 3rd-4th year of PhD training.
More NIH predoctoral training grants  
National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship Program (NDSEG)
US Citizens only. Apply in first two years.
UCSD / UC System
Genetics Training Grant For students working in genetics and genomics. Apply to the Genetics Training Program at end of first year to join in second year. Requires specific coursework.
Current UC San Diego Training Grants Training requirements vary and may include curriculum or other requirements that differ from BISB's requirements. Contact programs or attend info sessions for specific details on their requirements. You generally can only participate in one training grant.
UC MEXUS-CONACYT Doctoral Fellowships for Mexican Students
May apply once provisionally admitted to a University of California graduate program.
Other organizations
ARCS achievement award National site, San Diego chapter, UCSD nomination info
Candidate is nominated by department, usually in summer before 2nd or 3rd year. US Citizen with excellent GPA and research, and other criteria (see nomination info).
TRDRP Predoctoral Fellowship Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program. Apply via proposalCENTRAL.
Hertz Fellowship
Apply while applying to PhD programs, or within the first year of a PhD program.
Funding opportunity lists and databases
BISB Graduate Student Funding Opportunities Guide written by BISB students. BISB students also wrote a rec letter template and sample application letters (current BISB students: request from GBIC).
UCLA GRAPES Searchable database of opportunities.
UIUC: Fellowship Finder Searchable database of opportunities.
Johns Hopkins: Graduate Student Funding Opportunities Spreadsheet of opportunities.