Andrew McCammon

Faculty Status
(858) 534-2905
Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
Brief Research Description
Enzymes and Ligand Binding
Lab Description

The McCammon group conducts a very wide range of research activities, from the deeply biological (studies of protein and nucleic acid targets for drugs for infectious diseases, studies of protein kinase regulation, etc.) to the development of mathematical and physical methods for simulating biological processes (development of methods for solving partial differential equations, exploring the role of hydrodynamic interactions in protein-protein association, etc.). All of this work involves the use of computers; we do no experimental work in the traditional sense, but we have extensive collaborations with experimental labs at UCSD, The Scripps Research Institute, The Salk Institute, and elsewhere. A more complete perspective can best be obtained by visiting the McCammon group website ( We welcome undergraduate research participants when space allows, as described in