Benjamin Smarr

Faculty Status
Assistant Professor
Title 2
Assistant Professor
Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
Brief Research Description
What information do biological timeseries hold? What biodynamic interactions generate these signals?
Lab Description

I'm new to UCSD, so my lab is still taking shape. My research focuses on time series analysis in biological systems, with an emphasis on practical information extraction for translational applications. Currently the main project is TemPredict, in which we have gathered 50K people worth of wearable device data, coupled with over 1 million daily symptom reports. Collection is ongoing, as is the addition of 20K antibody tests to key participants to improve classification certainty from symptom and diagnosis self-reports. This massive data object is being used to identify signs of COVID-19 onset, progression, and recovery, as well to compare COVID-19 progression profiles with other conditions that arose over 2020 in these individuals. We believe this is the largest public data set of time series physiology data ever accumulated, so there are many additional uses for the creative physiology and data-minded student or collaborator.