Lukas Chavez

Faculty Status
Assistant Professor
Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
Biomedical Informatics
Brief Research Description
Chromatin and Gene Regulation in Childhood Cancers
Lab Description

The main objective of the Chavez laboratory is the molecular characterization of malignant childhood cancers in order to identify drug targets and improve treatment options. Our focus is mainly on pediatric brain tumors such as medulloblastoma, glioblastoma, and ependymoma. Recently, we have demonstrated how to leverage epigenetic information such as DNA methylation and enhancer profiling in pediatric brain tumors and normal human tissues to identify clinically relevant tumor subgroups, oncogenic enhancers, transcription factors, and pathways amenable to pharmacologic targeting. To reveal regulatory circuitries disturbed in childhood brain tumors, we generate and integrate public high-dimensional data from primary tumors and patient-derived cell lines. We are specifically interested in the analysis of somatic and germline DNA mutations, chromatin and DNA modifications, transcription factor binding, and gene expression.