Computer Accounts and Resources

Your official UCSD email address on

  • All UCSD students have an email alias of the form, which forwards to an email account that may be at a different address.
  • Most emails from UCSD administrative offices and emails sent to all students in a class are addressed to your address. You are responsible for checking email sent to this address on a timely basis.
  • Initially it forwards to the UCSD email account that was created for you. This is currently:
    • for most BISB students admitted 2013-2019;
    • (with an actual email account there) for most BISB students admitted since 2020;
    • it may differ if you started at UCSD in another capacity.
  • If you prefer to forward email to a different email account, see instructions on the ITS website.

Google hosted and accounts

  • Bioinformatics Graduate students entering since 2020 are issued accounts (as are most students campus-wide), while those entering 2013-2019 were issued accounts (deployed just to JSOE graduate students).
  • These are rebranded Google accounts. They work similarly to accounts with access to Gmail and Google Apps, but they have a different domain name ( or, different Terms and Conditions, and access to UCSD content.
  • FAQ for G-suite accounts
  • Documentation for accounts

Educational Technology Services accounts: network, classes,...

  • Also called ITS (IT Service Desk). Formerly called ACS (Academic Computing Services) and ACMS (Academic Computing & Media Services).
  • ETS/ITS provides email, WiFi access on campus, VPN access from off-campus, computer lab access for certain classes, certain campus licensed software, Canvas (for course websites and grade books), and more. You'll also use the same account to access campus services such as WebReg (course registration).
  • Important links:
  • Labs: You may be issued additional computer accounts for the lab or department in which you do your rotations and thesis research. In most cases, those will not be coordinated with your ETS/ITS accounts.

Other resources