Teaching Requirement

Each graduate student admitted to the PhD program in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology is mandated to serve as a teaching assistant (TA) for at least two quarters. A typical teaching assistantship is 110 hours/quarter (25% load, 2 units of BNFO 500); however, this varies by class.  Students should enroll in BNFO 500 (Teaching Experience) or an equivalent course code in another department, during each quarter in which they are a teaching assistant.

Bioinformatics graduate students will also participate in additional TA training provided by the Graduate Division through the Center for Teaching Development (CTD).

Students should attend the Center for Teaching Development's Fall TA training (scheduled shortly before fall quarter begins) if they will be doing their first TAship any time that school year. Students doing TAships in other departments should check if the other department has a department-specific TA training program.

UCSD requires that all TAs receive training in teaching. Most departments use the Teaching Assistant Development Program at CTD to provide some or all of their training. Typically, training consists of a combination of workshops, observations, and consultations designed to provide an opportunity for graduate students, TAs, and postdocs to explore many of the issues involved in college and university teaching and develop the competencies required of effective college instructors. In addition to developing experience and expertise in college teaching, participants in courses such as the Preparing Future Practitioners (PFP) program are introduced to a wide range of faculty responsibilities. CTD also offers weekly workshops some quarters. Check the CTD website for further information.