Graduate Financial Support

All US citizens and residents admitted into the Ph.D. Program are supported by a financial support package to cover tuition and fees (determined by Graduate Division), as well as a stipend (set by the program; $32,000 as of 10/1/16) that covers living expenses, so long as they are in good academic standing with university and program requirements. Unfortunately, our funding sources do not generally allow us to provide financial support to international students.

Training Grants and Funding

Financial support is derived from the NIH-funded Institutional Training Grants in Bioinformatics (T32GM008806) and in Biomedical Informatics (T15LM011271), educational state funds, and research grants to training faculty.

Fellowships and Other Funding

The Graduate Division announces funding opportunities through its website, blog, and email.  Some funding opportunities that students in the Ph.D. program have successfully applied for and received in the past (usually in their second year or later) include the following: